What Is A Buyers Advocate And Why Should You Use One

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A Buyers Advocate, also called a Buyers Agent, is a licensed professional that acts solely on behalf of the buyer.

A buyers advocate specialises in searching for a suitable property, depending on the needs of the buyer, evaluating each property, then negotiating the best possible price on behalf of the buyer.

A buyers advocate does not sell real estate.

The key difference between a buyers advocate and a real estate selling agent is who they represent. A selling agent is acting on behalf of the seller, also known as a vendor. A buyers advocate is acting purely on behalf of the buyer, working exclusively for the buyer to achieve the very best outcome for their client.

A buyers agent has no properties for sale, but unlike a selling agent, a buyers agent has access to every property on the market.

Many property buyers do not realise there is a wealth of real estate that changes hands without it ever being advertised. Known as “off market” sales, a buyers advocate has access to every property on the market, including these properties offered as silent sales.

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