The reserve bank of Australia decides to keep rates on hold

RBA keeps rates on hold despite their less optimistic view of the Australian economy

  After a 2 month summer break, the RBA has kept interest rates on hold at 1.5 per cent. In recent times the RBA has maintained a fairly optimistic view on the economy, however they did note in the post-meeting statement that “downside risks” have increased. Today’s meeting confirmed that the RBA hasn’t changed course,[…]

Interest Rates on Hold at 1.5 per cent

The Reserve Bank has left the official interest rates on hold at a record low rate of 1.5 per cent for a record 26th month in a row. Economists and traders did not expected a move, with most expecting rates to remain unchanged until at least the second half 2019. When interest rates do next move,[…]

Reserve Bank Retains Current Official Interest Rate of 1.50%

Already using Social Media? Follow for the latest about tips and tricks when it comes to buying a home and hiring a buyers advocate. Today marked two years since the Reserve Bank of Australia has moved interest rates and its record-breaking run of inactivity is not predicted to end anytime soon. The RBA earlier left the interest[…]

Cash Interest Rate Maintained at Current Level

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has maintained the cash interest rate at two percent. During its board meeting today, Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens noted that as the economy is growing at below the long-term averages, their monetary policy needs to be “accommodative.” He added that the board will continue to assess the economic[…]

Interest Rate Remains Steady at 2%

The Reserve Bank of Australia has retained the current cash interest rate at two percent for the second month in a row. RBA governor Glenn Stevens said it was appropriate to leave the rate as it is. He added that even with the average growth pace of the economy, the higher rates of borrowing are[…]