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Five-day snap lockdown forces Victoria’s real estate market online

  The five-day snap lockdown announced by Premier Dan Andrews yesterday brings significant implications for the real estate industry. Referred to as a ‘circuit-breaker’ that will hopefully avoid a third-wave of COVID-19 in Victoria, the lockdown means that the following restrictions apply: no on-site property inspections auctions must be online only A more comprehensive list[…]

What a difference an election makes

It really does feel like the real estate market has given a collective sigh of relief, with the coalition retaining power. Irrespective of your political views, the uncertainly surrounding the impact of Labor’s policies on negative gearing and capital gains tax were causing nervousness in the real estate market. This was being reflected in prices continuing[…]

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Purplebricks exit no surprise to those in real estate

Purplebricks is to exit Australia after 2.5 years. I don’t think too many in the real estate industry are going to be surprised by this news. It just goes to show the importance of understanding your market and target audience, which is where I think Purplebricks missed the mark. I know that as a buyer’s[…]