What is Negative Gearing?

In real estate, negative gearing is when the cost of buying and maintaining an investment property is higher than the income you gain from it. With this loss, it is then possible to offset the income you earn thereby allowing you to pay less tax on the property. For a rental property, for example, negative[…]

What is Equity?

Many people are aware of their home equity but do not understand very well how it is calculated and its other uses. Basically, equity is the difference between a property’s current market value and the outstanding balance of any debt held against it. It is an asset from a homeowner’s point of view and it[…]

What is Passive vs Active investing?

Investing in real estate is one effective way of building wealth and establishing a property portfolio moving into the future. There are two basic types – active and passive. Regardless of the type of property investing you are doing, each method requires time, knowledge and skills in order to reach your goals and maintain a[…]

Take Back Control And Invest With Confidence In 2018

There’s no such thing as a ‘crystal ball’ for property…but Jane Slack-Smith must surely be the next best thing. This Thursday she’s revealing the 3 property strategies she thinks will dominate in 2018 and beyond. You can register for the FREE online training here: The New Rules For Property Investing In 2018 (And Beyond) Jane[…]

[Webinar] The New Roadmap For Navigating The Property Minefield of 2018

If you missed my last email about Jane Slack-Smith’s webinar, ‘The New Rules For Property Investing In 2018’… Two important things: 1)If you’re interested in growing wealth with property, you really should attend. (If you’re thinking about buying in 2018…do NOT make any moves before you’ve heard what Jane has to say.) 2)The webinar will[…]

Why The Australian Property Environment Is Changing Fast And Only Savvy Investors Will Prosper

If your retirement plan relies on Real Estate, you absolutely must know what Jane Slack-Smith is about to reveal in her free webinar: The New Rules In Property Investing In 2018. Jane will show you how to protect yourself from devastating losses — and — capitalise handsomely in one of the most uncertain property climates[…]