Tips for Preparing for and Bidding at Auction – Part II

Auctions are one of the fastest ways to sell or buy a property. By putting your property on auction, you enjoy the benefits of having your home advertised complete with details and photos in national and regional publications, websites and sale boards at the property’s location. Also, your property gets to be promoted to the[…]

Tips for Preparing for and Bidding at Auction – Part I

One way of buying a property in Australia is through an auction. With this option, the buyer has an opportunity to provide bids according to his or her budget. But bidding at property auctions requires certain skills and strategy. It is best that buyers come prepared and armed with a plan to help them succeed[…]

Guide to Buying Your First Home and the Role of a Buyers Advocate

Many first home buyers are overwhelmed about the property market when choosing to buy their first home. With no clear knowledge on the steps to take, they get disappointed not being able to find that dream home after weeks of searching or finding that the advertised price of the property they like has gone up[…]