Guide to Buying Your First Home and the Role of a Buyers Advocate

Many first home buyers are overwhelmed about the property market when choosing to buy their first home. With no clear knowledge on the steps to take, they get disappointed not being able to find that dream home after weeks of searching or finding that the advertised price of the property they like has gone up[…]

Cost of Hiring a Buyers Advocate

Homebuying is tedious work as it takes time, research and a lot of paper work. As such, you have two options – do it on your own or get the help of a buyer’s advocate. The process of buying a home can be done without a hitch if one gets the services of a buyers[…]

Another happy buyers advocate client with Wendy Chamberlain

Reasons You Need a Buyers Advocate When Buying a Home

When it comes to real estate, there’s a wealth of information available on the internet. But for new home buyers, what they can find online can be a bit confusing. Some data may already be updated whilst other information may be incomplete or out of date, leaving readers craving accurate information and needing to look[…]

Another happy buyers advocate client with Wendy Chamberlain

How Can A Buyers Advocate Help You

Buying a residential property can be a real challenge. There are many factors to consider and proper research is a must. But if you have a buyers advocate to assist you, you can be sure to get the right information, find and purchase the right home at the right price. Buyers advocates are also known[…]

Why you should use a buyers advocate to purchase in Melbourne

What Is A Buyers Advocate And Why Should You Use One

A Buyers Advocate, also called a Buyers Agent, is a licensed professional that acts solely on behalf of the buyer. A buyers advocate specialises in searching for a suitable property, depending on the needs of the buyer, evaluating each property, then negotiating the best possible price on behalf of the buyer. A buyers advocate does[…]