Reserve bank of australia keeps rates on hold

RBA Cuts Official Interest Rate to 0.50%

The Reserve Bank of Australia today decided to further reduce the current official cash interest rate by another 0.25 basis points. This makes the new 0.50 percent rate the new historic low after the last cut in October 2019. The rate has been kept on hold since its last point cut in October. The decision[…]

Reserve bank of australia keeps rates on hold

RBA Keeps Current Official Interest Rate

The Reserve Bank of Australia today left the current official cash interest rate unchanged at its historic low level of 0.75 percent. The rate has been kept on hold since its last point cut in October. The decision was also expected by analysts or traders although they are anticipating another cut soon by March or[…]

Reserve bank of australia keeps rates on hold

RBA holds rates at 0.75% in December

The Reserve Bank has held interest rates at the record low level of 0.75% this month. Thanks to the expected increase in consumer spending over Christmas and the New Year, the RBA decided to make no change to interest rates in December. Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe said “Given these effects of lower interest rates[…]

The reserve bank of Australia decides to keep rates on hold

RBA rates hold at 0.75%

The Reserve Bank today decided to hold interest rates at the historic low of 0.75%. The decision to hold interest rates after the October cut was largely expected given a minimal improvement in unemployment and a minor uptick in inflation. RBA governor Philip Lowe said “The low level of interest rates, recent tax cuts, ongoing[…]

Bidding at auction? Don’t make these mistakes.

By now I’m sure you’ve started to hear the media reporting that house prices are on the rise. For the past quarter, Melbourne house prices jumped 4.1 per cent, with houses regaining almost half of the price falls that occurred during the recent downturn. For those of us immersed in all things real estate, out[…]

Reserve bank of australia keeps rates on hold

RBA drop rates to 0.75% to tackle unemployment

The Reserve Bank has dropped its official cash rate below 1% for the first time as it battles rising unemployment and stimulate a slowing economy. This is the RBA’s third cut since June and comes after data showed the unemployment rate has increased to 5.3%, from 4.9% at the start of the 2019. The big[…]

Melbourne Suburbs To Benefit From The Suburban Rail Loop

Several suburbs in Melbourne will have six new train stations a few years from now. Part of a major project called the Suburban Rail Loop, this public transportation is aimed at providing Victorians easy access to their place of work, schools and other amenities. It is worth $50 billion as confirmed by the Andrews government.[…]

Rates on hold for September

The RBA has kept the official interest rate on hold at its historic low of 1.0%. This comes after the RBA cut interest rates in June and July this year. Before that, the cash rate had sat at 1.5% for the better almost 3 years. RBA governor Philip Lowe said “Economic growth in Australia over[…]

RBA looks to government for other ways to stimulate the economy

As predicted the Reserve Bank of Australia has maintained it’s record low interest rate of 1%, with no change at this month’s board meeting. The pause in cutting will allow time for RBA governor Philip Lowe time to see how the previous cuts will impact the economy. “It is reasonable to expect that an extended[…]

What could you do with $133,505?

Real Estate. It’s a funny business. You have at your disposal experts you can call on to help you on the journey and save you money. We’re talking big money, not small change you can find down the back of your couch. Yet it is probably still one of the few industries where people feel[…]