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Like to know how to get your bank to pay you?

From charges on your credit card to fees on your mortgage, chances are if you live in the modern world, you’ve incurred a bank fee. Think about all the interactions you have with your bank and how many times they may have charged you a fee, just for being their customer.

If you’d like to know how to GET YOUR BANK TO PAY YOU, read how to do it here.


How your clients and customers can help sell your products by becoming your Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.  So, it is a way to encourage your customers and clients to tell others about your products.  In return, you offer them rewards for doing so, usually in the form of an affiliate payment.

But where do you start? Our 9 Step Affiliate Marketing Guide steps you through what you need to do to get Affiliate Marketing working for you.

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7-step-launch-guide-front-coverWith 7 Easy Steps You Can Launch Your New Product Or Event

With Wendy’s step-by-step approach, our 7 Step Launch Guide provides you with a quick and easy, step-by-step instructions to follow when launching your product or event.

We have done all the work for you, to make the entire process as easy as possible.  We’ve included:

  • email templates – detailing exactly what to say and who to send them to
  • website page samples – we show you how to get your launch website sorted!
  • easy checklists for you – follow these to ensure you don’t miss a step
  • guidelines for instructing JV partners – have others help support you
  • timelines and time frames – how to define the right timing for your launch
  • our 9 Step Affiliate Marketing Guide – to get your raving fans to help with your launch

click-here-now-red-button-circledFor more information on our 7 Step Launch Guide, Find Our More By Clicking Here.

Brett McFall is Australia’s “money while you sleep” expert.

People pay thousands to be personally mentored by Brett McFall. He no longer gives interviews. He told me point blank when I asked him. Any why would he? He’s off on holiday every 8 weeks with his business on autopilot, bringing in cash while he travels the world.

I realised the only way to get him to agree to be interviewed was to take action. So I did. And Brett noticed.

My interview with Brett McFall is a Game Changer.

Now it is Time for YOU to take Action! Find Out More Here.


Wendy Chamberlain has co-authored five books, with such luminaries as Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and Brian Tracy. Her titles include:

  • The Path To Success – International Best Seller!
  • Sprout Wealth
  • Internet Marketing 3.0
  • The Power of 100
  • Insiders Know How: Property Investment Australia

The Path to Success

To secure a copy of International Best Seller The Path to Success, Click Here.


It’s That Easy! Online Marketing 3.0

To purchase a copy of It’s That Easy! Online Marketing 3.0, contact us.

7 Tip and Secrets for Using Facebook Effectively

Ever wondered how to get more out of using Facebook for business?

My “How To Facebook” guide offers you 7 Tips and Secrets for using Face book more effectively.

To find out more, Click Here.



How to Use Social Media for Business Success

Have you noticed how everywhere you go, the new “buzz” word when it comes to marketing is Social Media? Why all the fuss about Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest?

Can actively using these sites really lead to more customers and clients lining up at your door? As a busy business owner, you’re probably asking yourself “Who has the spare time anyway to spend tweeting, pinning and chatting to friends online?” Or even “do I really need this?”

The short answer is YES, you need to be online! But where do you start? You’re busy enough without adding even more tasks to an ever growing “to do” list.

Wendy Moore will explode the myths around Social Media and show you how you can easily incorporate Social Media into your marketing and business strategy and, even more importantly, automate the whole thing. From Facebook to Google+ to LinkedIn, and everything in between.

What’s more, she explains it all in PLAIN, SIMPLE ENGLISH so you can finally connect all the dots. Discover:

* the etiquette “dos” and absolute “don’ts” of using your favourite social media platform, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or even Pinterest
* the faux pauxs social media beginners make and how to avoid them
* the secrets to maximising your impact online with minimum time input from you
* how to be “seen” online, even when you are on holiday!
* simple, quick ways to attract followers specifically targeted to your niche or business
* the must have “secret formula” every savvy business owner needs to fast track your online success
* the simple, easy way to develop a devoted following online

Wendy will be showing you, step by actual step, how easy it is to use Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and even Twitter or Pinterest, link them all together and why you need to be doing this RIGHT NOW in your business.

How to Use Social Media to Build Your List

Social Media is the “hottest” marketing tool in your toolkit today. Did you know that you can strategically use social media to drive potential clients and customers to your website and entice them to join your database?

Join Wendy to discover:

  • How to use Social Media to create Brand YOU
  • amazing free ways to generate leads and traffic
  • simple steps to create your Expert Status
  • secret strategies to ensure the media finds you – easily!
  • the most powerful media lead generator and why you need to be using it – today!