Buyer FAQs

What is a buyer’s advocate?

A buyer’s advocate, or buyer’s agent, is a person hired to legally represent and assist a buyer during the purchase of a property.

What is the benefit of using a buyer’s advocate service?

WE MAKE IT EASY for you. We are dedicated to making your life easy when it comes to buying property. We take the time to understand exactly what you are looking for and also provide guidance and direction in relation to your requirements.

Whether it’s your first property, upsizing/downsizing or an investment, we will take the time and stress out of the buying experience for you. We love what we do and we know all the little tricks and games that can be played. We are experienced Negotiators and we can achieve a better price on your behalf because we are experts in the industry and we do this every day.

From start to finish we will assist you with every aspect of the buying process

  • Providing a shortlist of properties
  • Arranging private inspections
  • Communicating and dealing with your nominated Solicitor, Finance Provider, Building & Pest Inspector
  • Preparing & strategizing on what offer to make & then preparing & presenting the offer on your behalf to the Real Estate Agent
  • Bidding on the property at Auction
  • Attending Final Inspections with you

Are you the same as other Buyers Advocates?

No not at all!

We have over 20+ years experience in purchasing and selling property for ourselves and building a Real Estate Portfolio. The key to our success is that we have NEVER been Real Estate Agents. Our experience in Negotiating, Relationship Building and getting the deals done comes from working in large Corporate Companies & building our own business over the last 20 years. We understand what it is like to be buying a home and how daunting the whole process can be. That’s why everything we do is about MAKING IT EASY for you, our client.

Do you ask me to sign any legal agreement to engage you?

We have a simple 2 page Exclusive Purchase Authority which helps outline the arrangement and services provided between Chamberlain buyer advocates and yourself. No messy and complicated legal jargon, just straight to the point facts that you need to know.

How long does our agreement with Chamberlain buyer/vendor advocates last for?

The authority is for 12 months exclusive search time, however this is not an indication of how long it will take! Sometimes the right property will be found and acquired within the week, but other times 6 months may not be enough. You also have the opportunity to put your service on hold.

What if I no longer want to use your services and I want to cancel the exclusive authority?

We understand that sometimes life does not go to plan and you may not want to continue with our services. All you need to do in give us 48 hours written notice that you wish to exit the agreement. You will forgo your Initial Engagement Fee for the work already undertaken on your behalf and no further fees will apply.

What does Chamberlain Advocates charge for its service?

  • Our services are a LOW FLAT FIXED FEE. Our Fee is broken into 2 stages of payment.
  • The Initial Engagement Fee is paid upfront when you engage us as your Buyers Advocate.
  • The Acquisition Fee is payable 3 days after the unconditional purchase of your new property.

What services do you offer?

We offer several services. Our main services are:

  • FREE Initial 30 minute Phone Consultation: This is where we discuss our services with you which will enable you to find out more about what we do and how we do it and how we can assist you.
  • Full Search and Acquisition service: This is where Chamberlain advocates do all of the legwork on behalf of the buyer. From sourcing, analysing, negotiating and bidding, it’s all covered by the Buyers Advocate.
  • Negotiation and Analysis service: This is when you, the client has already found a property you are interested in. Chamberlain advocates will analyse and research the property, and develop the best tactics to secure the property.

For more information, please email enquiries@wendychamberlain.com.au or call our office on 03 9686 2288.

Is there a cost for the first meeting?

No, the first meeting is a free no obligation consultation to discuss our services with you which will enable you to find out more about what we do and how we do it. We can meet you at your home, office or a cafe, whatever suits you best. We also understand that time and location constraints sometimes do not permit a meeting, and we are happy to conduct this free consultation via email, phone and Skype. That said, we do love meeting our clients.

How long will it take to find me a property?

The time it takes to find property for a client varies from case to case. For example, investors can be quicker than someone looking for their dream home. For some it may take a week while for others a few months, but generally we would be looking at some time between 1 to 3 months.

What happens if I find a property myself and I want Chamberlain Advocates to assist me in purchasing the property?

We offer a service where we can appraise and negotiate the purchase of a particular home. In this service we will prepare an offer on the property for you &/or bid at Auction on your behalf.

What locations does Chamberlain Advocates buy property in?

We go where our Clients need us. We specialise in the Melbourne market and our Advocates have specialised knowledge in Bayside, Inner Melbourne, North, South, East & West.

Do you purchase properties in other states?

No as we are only based in Victoria at this time.

Can you buy on my behalf even if we are not there?

Yes, we do that for our interstate and overseas clients regularly.

Do you work with Expats, Interstate, Overseas or Foreign buyers?


We have a great deal of experience working for buyers from afar – in fact it is quite normal for us to never meet our interstate or overseas clients in person rather face to face via Skype or Zoom. We understand issues like time zones, currency conversions, FIRB laws and Power of Attorney, and we have the resources on hand to overcome the unique problems that working from afar can present.

Does Chamberlain Advocates offer finance solutions?

No, however we can recommend experienced mortgage brokers and financial planners to meet with you for a free no obligation consultation.

Do you handle multiple clients and what happens if we both want to buy the same house?

We do handle multiple clients, and ‘double ups’ are a rare occurrence, however we have dealt with these kinds of situations previously. The answer here is to keep open lines of communication and inform all clients of any potential clashes.

Do you have a client dispute resolution process?

Yes. Click here to view our Client Dispute Resolution Process.