Selling Your Home? Make sure you remove these deal breakers

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Sellng a home these days means you need to be on trend and clutter free with your interior design.

Your goal should always be to have the buyer picture him or herself  living in their new home – your home!

Decluttering is vital, to ensure that any prospective buyer can visualise themselves living in the space. A declutter can include removing bulky appliances, any personal items and ensuring pet gear is out of sight.  Any construction materials lying outside your home should also be removed.

Bulky Appliances

Be sure to remove blenders, toasters or other appliances from countertops to create a sense of space. Hallways and entryways should also be free from clutter.

Homebuyers are normally distracted with “stuff” that get them to pause while inspecting the home.

Personal Items

Personal items should also be removed from the home as much as possible.

You want your prospective buyer to feel like they are already in their future home. Photographs, keepsakes and other personal items identified with the owners should be avoided for this reason.

It is also safer for you to remove any jewellery from the home during open for inspections.

Cupboard Contents

Odd as it sounds, people will open up all the cupboards, including drawers, on items that clearly will not be staying eg: coffee tables

So make sure that you organise the contents in all your cupboards. Many buyers have the habit of opening ever door, cupboard and drawer they see and you need to ensure that what they find there are only the essentials. They are also particular about storage space so keep this in mind.

Pet Gear

Not all home buyers own pets so it’s best to keep evidence of pets during your open home. This can be another distraction to them.

Also make sure any pet smells are no present in the home.

Home Office

With the advent of COVID-19, people are changing how they view the spaces in a home.

Previously, you were better off converting a home office or study to an additional bedroom. However, now people are seeing the merit in having that flex space at home.

Make a decision based on the layout of your home and location as to whether or not a home office should be retained or staged as a bedroom for the sale.

Backyard Clutter

Have you noticed how over time you just don’t really see the clutter anymore?  This is particularly so for gardens and back yards.

As a starting point, hide garden tools and extra building materials may you have lying around. If you have a vegetable garden, give it a tidy up and perhaps even plant a new crop for the sale as a functional space can add value to your property.

Overall, think less clutter and minimal furnishings when you are thinking about putting your home on the market.

There is huge benefit in staging a home or even having a stylist give you tips on staging your home in the best light for the sale.

Your aim is to make your buyer feel comfortable and welcome when inspecting your home, so much so that they fall in love and decide to buy it!

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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