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Penny-paxman-shares-why-Brett-McFall's-strategies-are-straight-forward“Straight forward and achievable”

Wow! My business needed a boost and the best way forward I could see was to go online.Wendy presented me with a great opportunity and I took advantage to listen in to an interview with Brett McFall, leader in internet marketing.

In just one hour I learned how this entrepreneur sold the first copy of his book (worth $29.95) for $8,105.00 by adding so much value and being fearless about what it would take to deliver that value.
Brett also gave us 3 strategies for marketing our own products online-all of them straight forward and achievable. I’ve already started!

Many thanks Wendy and Brett for sharing.

Penny Paxman

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Brett McFall is Australia’s “money while you sleep” expert.

Known most recently as “the guy who sold a $29.95 book on eBay for $8,105.00” – making “How To Make Money While You Sleep!” the highest price ever reached for a business book on eBay.

use-your-computer-to-make-cashUntil 2002 he worked at a $35,000-a-year office job, but after learning some key marketing secrets he was able to produce millions of dollars for himself and his clients in just 12 months.

Today he takes a holiday somewhere in the world every 8 weeks, while his own websites turnover in excess of $750,000 a year on virtual auto-pilot, allowing him to live a life of total freedom.

On over 11 separate occasions he’s helped complete beginners make up to $47,000 in just 72 hours, with every step followed by a LIVE audience.

He’s trained over 10,000 people about internet marketing and shared the stage with Jay Abraham, Jim Rohn as well as the best internet marketers in the world.

Brett is the co-founder of the world’s biggest internet business event, World Internet Summit, taking it from zero to a multi-million company in just 2 years, where he teaches his unconventional marketing secrets to thousands of people in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Asia and the Middle East.

Brett’s straight-to-the-point teaching style makes it absolutely easy to understand his secrets to the NEW way of creating a business on the internet.

Like to have Brett “on call” anytime you like?

brett-mcfall-can-help-you-make-cash-onlineWhat if you could listen to Brett McFall any time you like?

To be able to tap into the amazing mindset of the guy who was able to sell a $29.95 business book on eBay for $8,105.00!

There’s a lot of information out there.

What is key, is getting your hands on the RIGHT information.

Brett has trained thousands of people right across the globe on how to take simple, easy to implement principles and apply them online to make money.

A lot of money.

Here’s the kicker. That very same opportunity still exists for you right now. Why?

The Internet.

Never before have you had such a golden opportunity sitting right there for you to access as you do today.

Every day, literally millions jump on their computer and search online for “stuff”.

All kinds of stuff.

They are looking for solutions to their problems. And do you know what?

You can provide them with those solutions.

You just need to know how.

Brett shows you how.

He’s done it many times over for himself and he continues to do it for his exclusive list of clients.

What Brett is really, really good at is making internet marketing EASY to understand for the average person.

That’s why he’s known as the simplifier.

This means that even if you’re an absolute beginner, listen to Brett and you’ll understand exactly how to start an internet business from scratch.

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To celebrate getting Brett to speak, and to thank you for reading this far (I know you’re busy!), we’re offering you very special pricing to grab your own copy of the audio and transcription.

But you’ll have to act now.

Any day now, I may decide to increase the price. Why?

The information Brett shared on the call is absolute GOLD!

How often do you get to hear one of the best internet marketers on the planet? To have him freely share what he has learned through many years of trial and error, to build his own successful million $ business online.

A Very Rare Chance to Listen In!

I kid you not. People pay thousands to be personally mentored by Brett and it took him a lot of convincing for him to agree to do this interview.

In fact, he no longer gives interviews. He told me point blank when I asked him.

And why would he? He’s off on holiday every 8 weeks, with his business on autopilot, bringing in cash while he travels the world.

He’s in hot demand on the international speaking circuit around the world and he’s regularly invited to speak to teach people around the globe how to do what he does.

Brett has shared the stage with Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, often speaking to audiences of 6,000 people or more.



So I asked Brett again. He still said no. But he smiled this time.

You see, guys like Brett know that the only way to get results is to take action. To decide what you are going to do – AND THEN DO IT!

I realised that the only way to get him to agree to be interviewed was to take action.

So I did. I demonstrated to him, by taking action myself, that I was serious and that I valued his time. And he noticed.

What action are you prepared to take to achieve YOUR goals?

It really is that simple.

Decide what you want and make a decision that will take you closer to achieving it.

Time for YOU to take Action!

Special pricing available for a limited time.

I was listening to this call with Brett just the other day and I thought…


Have you ever listened to something once, then when you listened again you’d swear that they didn’t say that the first time?

Well, that’s what happened. I was listening to the call and Brett shared yet another gem, that has the potential to make me a lot of money.

Just imagine what a difference it could make to you and your family if you were able to take just one of those gems Brett shares and make a little bit more money.

How would that change your situation right now?

One last question.

When you look back in 12 months time, are you going to be in exactly the same place as you are today?

What has to change for you to finally take action and start to live a life you love?

I think you already know the answer.click-the-button-to-join-brett-mcfall

With warm regards,


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