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Client feedback from Steve, a first homebuyer

Wendy Chamberlain advocates at another auction in Melbourne

What were your concerns around purchasing a property before appointing Chamberlain Property Advocates as your advocate?
I was very worried about how well I could navigate the negotiation process with the agent, whether that was putting an initial offer that was too low and missing out on the opportunity to purchase what I felt was the ideal property, or ending up overpaying due to my lack of confidence when it got to the negotiating table.

What influenced your decision to appoint Chamberlain Property Advocates as your buyers advocate?
Low Flat Fee, Friend Referral

How did you hear about Chamberlain Property Advocates?
Friend Referral

What specific benefits have you received?
The biggest aspect was the confidence that comes from working with someone who knows how to navigate the process. But along with that, knowing that Wendy was able to keep working in the background (and provide regular, clear updates) was great in that it meant I could take my mind off the process. I also really appreciated that Wendy was able to engage me with Ben and his team to help with the legal side of things (especially at short notice) which removed an extra stress when it came to finding a good solicitor/conveyancer.

How was your experience working with Chamberlain Property Advocates?

Is there anything we can do to improve the experience of buying a house using Chamberlain Property Advocates?
I really don’t have anything to add here.

Is there anything you would like to see us add to our suite of services?
Not really – this was exactly what I was looking for when I engaged Wendy. *Perhaps after our work together she can add ‘Flammable Cladding Investigation’ to her portfiolio of services 🙂

Would you recommend us?

Brings a depth of experience, great work ethic and a fantastic communicator

Outstanding Professional Advice and Assistance

Wendy Chamberlain secures another property as the buyer advocate for a happy client
I can’t thank Wendy (of Chamberlain Property Advocates) enough for her outstanding professional advice and assistance to support our endeavours to purchase a property in Melbourne.
Wendy cut through the cacophony of advice from well-meaning friends and family, to focus on the essentials needed to achieve the goal.
As our experience of the property market is Canberra-based, and over 20 years out-of-date, Wendy’s support through the process was essential to saving our sanity through an experience that for us involved a very steep learning curve on so many levels, including all the practical issues in purchasing property while living interstate.
Best wishes, and my thanks for everything.

Completely Worth It

Stephen and Connie - happy Chamberlain Property Advocates clients

“I’d been previously ripped off when buying a property, because I didn’t know the legal ins & outs, OR how to deal with less than scrupulous selling agents.

This time around, I took up Wendy on her Negotiate only package, and it was completely worth it. Wendy gave me her 100% attention and brought to bear a formidable knowledge base, passion and process to my side 🙂

I’d recommend Wendy for any purchase or real estate transaction. She will fight for you and knows exactly what she’s doing!

Thank you Wendy!

Stephen & Connie”

happy home buying clients - Chamberlain Property Advocates clientsManaged & Co-ordinated Everything

We’re very time poor people. It was fantastic to have Wendy managing and co-ordinating everything. Her project management skills are phenomenal. We also appreciated that Wendy “told it as it is”; for example, when we had unrealistic price expectations she wasn’t afraid to tell us.

We also appreciated having Wendy price checking our offer by speaking to other agents.

The fix fee is attractive; others tried to use a percentage model which makes you wonder how motivated they are to get you the best price.

Happy home buying client, Deepdene

Did a fantastic job

We used Wendy in deciding on the value of the property and how we would go about securing it. Wendy & Susan did a fantastic job, and I would definitely recommend using Chamberlain Property Services.

Mary Beth

Found me the perfect home, off market

“Having lived in the UK for the past 8 years, I’ve been planning ahead for my return to Melbourne and wanted a property to move back to. Being so far away, Wendy and her team have found me the perfect home to move back to.

For each property that was viewed, Wendy provided a video walk through, photos and detailed emails which really bridged the distance gap for me.

Not only does Wendy have an exemplary knowledge of the property market and current trends, but has great contacts with local Real Estate Agents. Properties at auction were going well above my budget, but luckily Wendy was able to get me access to properties before they went on the market where I was able to negotiate and purchase my dream home.”


Highly recommended when selling

Wendy and Kate were wonderful during the sale of my first home! Highly recommend this service!


Sophie and Andy - happy Chamberlain Property Advocates clientsWendy found us a beautiful house

Thank you very much Wendy for finding our beautiful house and everything you have done for us in that process.

It has worked out very well and we are very happy.

Sophie and Andy

Subir and Susmita - happy Chamberlain Property Advocates clientsWendy found us our dream home

We were looking for a place we could call our own and we reached out to Wendy Chamberlain.

We have had an amazing experience so far and we are standing in front of what we think is going to be our dream house. It has everything we are looking for and Susmita has been really excited. Absolutely, and we truly enjoyed working with Wendy and she is amazing! She is the best! Thank you.

Subir and Susmita

A Completely Seamless Experience

Neeharika - happy Chamberlain Property Advocates client

I have recently purchased a new property and from start to finish, it was a completely seamless experience.

Wendy is knowledgeable, accommodating, very proactive and personable. She was very transparent with the communication between all the stakeholders involved and was able to accommodate my requests in the whole process.

I would absolutely recommend Wendy for her services. Wendy, thanks a lot for all the help in this journey towards my first home.


Less Stress When Buying & Selling

Dear Wendy,
Thank you so much for all your help and patience in my buying and selling of homes.

It would have been much more stressful if you hadn’t been by my side. Best wishes for a happy & healthy life.

Regards, Pauline

Ecstatic to buy first home

Thank you to Wendy for helping me find this fantastic property.

I am so excited. It is in the location that I wanted.

It’s got fantastic transport nearby. It’s in a great spot with lovely neighbours.

I am ecstatic to have bought this so thank you very much for your help.


Happy buyer advocate clients - Wendy Chamberlain Property AdvocatesYou can’t beat Wendy! Amazing

Wendy listened to every need we had, especially being our late father’s estate and made sure she was very sensitive to our feelings, put us at ease and simplified every step by being the voice between the Real Estate Agent and The Trustees.

We feel Wendy and her team are extremely professional, thorough and always returns your emails and phone calls, even after hours. Wendy is on to it, getting you answers and replying to you. We did not have to worry about anything, we trust Wendy.

Wendy went above and beyond for us, finding keys, screening agents, writing up inspection reports, advising how marketing is going. Everything was completed on time, even before deadlines, Wendy would be following up with Agents and Trustees and reporting back to us ASAP. Her ability to return your call or reply to your email in an instant with all of her honesty and knowledge is such a skill that Wendy executes so well.

Having Wendy’s support and knowledge of the property market and the selling process was a great benefit to us. You can’t beat Wendy! Amazing.

Trish & Lainie

Provides exceptional value

Jason Lien - happy Chamberlain Property Advocates client

Super professional result

Nevin McClintock - happy Chamberlain Property Advocates client

Nevin McClintock - happy Chamberlain Property Advocates client

We sold our house through Wendy. She and her team were fantastic, and made for a pain-free, effortless (from our side) super professional result. Many thanks!


Gayan and Manoji - happy Chamberlain Property Advocates clientsGreat advice & guidance

Thank you Wendy for helping us to sell our house and all your hard work coordinating the sale. It was an easy process from the get go and I am glad that we were able to work with you.

From the start you gave us great advice and guided us through this first time selling a house, and I think we were lucky to have worked with someone like you with so much experience and a lot of guidance. As a first time seller, I would have gone crazy if not for you coordinating the different parties involved.  We learnt a lot during the process while being guided by you.

It was so easy to work with you and deal with the agents as well, so thank you very much and we are looking forward to working with you again. We will definitely refer you to our friends and family when they have to sell their property.

Gayan & Manoji

Felicity and Derek - happy Chamberlain Property Advocates clientsFantastic work

Hey Wendy!

Thanks for the fantastic work you’ve done providing us a new family home for the next forty years.

Much appreciated.

Felicity & Dek

Danny and Julie - happy Chamberlain Property Advocate clientsVery Pleasing Experience

Our experience as agents dealing with Chamberlain Property Advocates was very pleasing. We felt that given the status of the market across Melbourne has become somewhat challenging, we all worked strongly together to make sure that the property sold on the day of the auction and that the vendors were happy was the result!

Bernadette Kiraly & Matt Giulieri, Marshall White One

Happy Chamberlain Property Advocate Clients worked with Wendy Chamberlain to sell their family homeWealth of Knowledge and Experience

On the recommendation of someone, we entrusted Wendy Chamberlain to be our vendors advocate.

We used Wendy’s wealth of knowledge and experience to deal with the agents. We found Wendy to be friendly and always prompt in responding to questions. She kept us up to date with the potential buyers inspecting our home and the thoughts and ideas of the agent.

All in all, we were very comfortable dealing with Wendy and would definitely recommend her services.

Kind regards, Geoff & Wendy

Dawn & James Anderson loved working with Buyer's Agent Wendy ChamberlainPrompt and Knowledgeable Service

Thanks so much Wendy for helping us to find our perfect investment property!

We appointed Wendy and Chamberlain Property Advocates as we are both time poor, working full time and we lacked the knowledge and confidence to buy a property ourselves.

Wendy was always available to patiently answer all our questions. At all times Wendy provided us with prompt and knowledgeable service.

Wendy has established connections and relationships within the property industry and it was via these relationships she was able to find us a brilliant property that others had overlooked. Wendy negotiated a fabulous price and we paid well below market value as a result.

We both whole heartedly recommend Wendy Chamberlain as your Buyer’s Agent to help you buy an investment property in Melbourne.

Dawn & James

Provided invaluable assistance

We recently worked with Wendy to find and purchase our first home. Wendy was with us throughout the entire process, and answered all the questions we had, no matter how big or small. Wendy provided us with invaluable assistance in our property search, and her knowledge of the Melbourne property market and different locations is a huge advantage when searching in a competitive market as a first home buyer. Wendy was able to give us insights into which areas and types of properties would be ideal for our circumstance, and gave us energy when we felt exhausted by the process. In the end, Wendy was able to locate an off-market property which we were able to purchase at a very competitive price, without having to worry about competition from other buyers or the associated stresses of going to auction. Wendy also provided us with excellent contacts that we required in the process of buying a home, which is invaluable in a field of so many providers.

We would highly recommend Wendy as a buyer’s advocate when searching for a property in Melbourne, as she will save you time, money and many headaches throughout the process. Thank you Wendy for making the whole process as easy and as stress-free as possible!

Thanks Wendy!


She’s the real estate whisperer

My Husband and I where first home buyers and we had been looking in the market for over 5 years, slowly loosing hope, when we contacted Wendy. Under her guidance, it took under 3 weeks (the people whom had referred her to us, it took them 12 days!!!) to get us into a house that we wanted, it was perfect and we loved, and the best thing about it my husband and I stopped arguing. All I can say is, that Wendy is the realestate whisperer, she gets it done she knows the language that you need to speak, what you need to do and who you need to know. She has the passion and she absolutely delivers no confusion, if you want an honest answer you will get it. This lady is amazing, my husband and I are not even sure she sleeps. If you are even thinking about taking the leap use Wendy, the ride is worth it, I promise she will guide you through the entire process. In short we now can say that we have stopped renting and are now putting our hard work into our own dream and not someone else’s. I never thought it would happen. Thank you Wendy your amazing you changed our lives.

Allison & Daryl

She’s been so helpful

I really enjoyed working with Wendy. She’s been so helpful. She always returned calls and communicated and we had a great result today.

I was really pleased so, thanks tons. Thank you.



Took away all the stress

Well, we are very, very happy. Thank you Wendy and Jo for referring us to you. You did a fantastic job. We’re so happy.

Thanks to Wendy for all her hard work in keeping us going and keeping us in touch with everything that’s going on and everything they did for us. Fantastic result!

Highly recommend it. We’ve put the feelers out, we’ve put the words out so definitely recommending them. Thanks guys, definitely appreciate it. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Stefanie and Gab


An outstanding job

So I met Wendy in 2016. October 2016 and we started on this journey trying to find my very first property.

So we looked at a number of properties and for whatever reason, unfortunately missed out on those. However, Wendy was able to find me an off-market opportunity.

I could not be more happy with my now first apartment. Wendy has done an outstanding job supporting me throughout this journey and working on her holidays, doing the very best she can to fight for me and even though my situation has changed several times, she has always stuck to the plan and really has delivered for me.

So thank you Wendy for helping me find my very first property.



A philosophy like no other agent

When we were first looking, we thought we would never be able to get a property that met our criteria. But then we spoke with Wendy and she found this property and we purchased it within 12 days.

So she was recommended to us by a number of people and when we engaged her, she had a philosophy like no other agent we’ve met. We worked with her. Within 12 days, we were in our property.

Thank you, Wendy.

Doug and Deidre


    Ethical and professional   

John & I have previously worked with Wendy as a buyers advocate. The auction campaign for 13/26 Barnett Street, Kensington was the first time we’d worked with Wendy as a vendors advocate. During the 4-week campaign Wendy demonstrated that she is ethical, professional, a strong communicator and very good at what she does. The end result speaks for itself (3 bidders on auction day – selling well above reserve price) and I know the vendor is very pleased they appointed Wendy. Anybody looking for a buyer or vendor advocate should contact her today.

Kieran Moloney & John Morello – Jellis Craig


Offers a great service

I have to admit I had never heard of a vendors advocate when my broker recommended Wendy and her team but I’m so glad I contacted her. Wendy did all the hard work for me, she interviewed the agents and had the tough chats that I knew I wasn’t capable of. In the end we chose an amazing agent together, I was given all the facts about each agent and the associated fees and was able to make an informed decision.

Wendy and the team walked me through the process and Wendy calmed my nerves every time I got a little frazzled. Auction day was a blur and I was so thankful to have Wendy’s support and guidance.

Wendy offers a great service but its more than that, they’re awesome people to deal with and so genuine. I would have no hesitation recommending them to my friends or using them again.

Kel Rudd


Prompt action

We didn’t really know what to expect having a Buyers Advocate assist us with purchasing our first home.

In reflection now, I know we would have lost the property we were looking at if not for Wendy’s prompt action. Within a week, we had our property.

Wendy was able to guide us through the minefield of buying a property and was always on hand for all our questions. We will certainly be using her service again when it comes to buying our second property.

I don’t give praise lightly but credit where it is always due. Thanks Wendy for all the advice and support.

Rohan and Kate Chalmers


Ethical and professional conduct

It’s been a great experience working with you. The thing impressed us most and still lasts until now is your ethical and professional conduct. Because of it, we trusted your independence throughout the whole sale campaign.

Communication is your second best quality. We were truly happy with speedy updates and honest recommendations. We’ve got an outstanding result which has set a new benchmark in our street.

In a cloudy industry like real estate, you stand out as a navigator upon which home owners like us could rely. I truly believe if you continue to uphold the code of conduct, a flourishing success is certain. We wish you two all the best in the future and please keep on the good work.

Kind regards,
Joe Lieu


Walked us through all the processes

My wife and I employed the services from Wendy and couldn’t be happier with the service, patience and outcome we received.

The communication was outstanding, which is essential when you’re dealing with such large investments. We really felt like Wendy cared and had our best interests at heart at all stages through the process. I would (and already have) recommended Wendy’s services.

Thanks a million, Wendy. You are awesome.

James & Kerri Gregory



Fantastic support

We’re first home buyers and were feeling quite intimidated and nervous about entering into the property market but Wendy has been a fantastic support and I would thoroughly recommend her services.

Mel Irwin


Provided an awesome service

We decided to use a buyers advocate because we are time poor. Wendy has been awesome.

Once we briefed her she found and purchased a property for us within 12 days. There is no way we would have found and purchased a property that quickly ourselves. We also managed to get an offer in and stop the auction. A few weeks down the track and we can already see that we have saved around $30K by having Wendy negotiate for us.

Wendy was professional, efficient, listened to our needs and provided an awesome service. I highly recommend Wendy and her team. Thanks so much Wendy.

Ian Smith


It’s about what fits for you

I decided at the beginning of my journey to partner with an expert like Wendy. Wendy understood that it wasn’t about the next house to buy but about the one that felt like my home!

I just purchased a property at Dickinson Street with the help of Wendy. Fantastic process, really short with all things considered and at a fantastic price.

The thing I most enjoyed about working with the complete team is that it’s not about the house or property, it’s about what fits for you. Thank you guys. Much appreciated. I would recommend using you to anyone!



Did a wonderful job

We are happy new home buyers and homeowners. We bought this beautiful property in Oak Park and we would like to say thank you, a huge thank you to Wendy. She helped us from the get go, she’s been right with us the all way, rocking this all the way, she helped us with some massive decisions that we’ve had found it to hard to make or it’s too difficult for us to make and that is why where Wendy stepped in and taken that brunt of the load for us, part of the process for us, she bidded for us. She did a wonderful job and the end result is that we’re really, really happy and we’ve got a wonderful property.

So thank you Wendy , you were awesome.

Ben & Eleanora


The whole process is so easy

Initially, I spent months on housing hunting and got blamed from my partner for “Nothing has been achieved”.

After I got in touch with Wendy, she found a house for us through private sale within 7 days in a very nice location we thought we couldn’t afford. The whole process from house hunting to settlement is so easy as they promised. I should’ve done this earlier. The fees Wendy and her team charge are much lower than the money they can save for you. Not only that, broker, solicitor, building inspector…. the whole package is ready. Also, our new neighbor even said we bought the house at a very low price. Thanks to Wendy.

I strongly recommend the services Wendy provides. “WE MAKE IT EASY” should be “WE MAKE IT D*** EASY” though.

Jonathan & Ran


Achieved terrific outcomes

I am a mortgage broker and have referred clients to Wendy and she has achieved terrific outcomes for my clients! They just sold over the weekend and got an incredible result! Great work!

Deb Smith
Finance Broker


Made the whole process smooth and easy

We are so happy we made the decision to use Wendy to help us find a home. After looking for years, and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the prospect of buying a property – with Wendy we had purchased a house within 9 days!

Wendy made the whole process smooth and easy, she found us an off market property and managed the whole process from start to finish.

Highly recommend using Wendy!

Adriane Hayward, 2016


Great communicator and professional

The best decision I made when looking at purchasing a property was having Wendy on my side. She is friendly, a great communicator, professional and made the whole experience less daunting.

As a first home buyer I was overwhelmed at the whole buying process and Wendy put my mind at ease. With her experience and expertise, Wendy made the whole process less daunting and got me a great result with my first property purchase, I couldn’t have done it without her.

If you are unsure or need help purchasing a property, I highly recommend Wendy.

Kind regards,


Comprehensive service and experienced negotiator

I had an excellent experience with Wendy. The service and support she provides is comprehensive and invaluable when considering something as important as purchasing a house.

Wendy was both diligent and friendly, and a wonderful advocate when it came to negotiating with vendors and real estate agents. You can really tell how much experience she has in the field, and I knew I was in safe hands. I would absolutely recommend Wendy to anybody looking to purchase a property!

Rosie Angliss


Invaluable Assistance As Our Advocate

As first-time buyers who are based overseas, we had many questions and Wendy helped us through each step of the process.

She provided invaluable assistance as our advocate, providing insights into location and the market as well as linking us with contacts to smooth our path.

She was then able to help us secure a property off-the-market at a competitive price, saving us the trials of further auctions and money.


Fantastic, Fast Acting and Far More Affordable Service

After seeking to buy my first home for several months, I was recommended to utilise Wendy services.

Upon initial contact, it became quickly apparent that Wendy’s knowledge base and high level of professionalism would be of great assistance to me. Within 2 weeks Wendy had helped me find and buy my perfect first home, for 10’s of thousands of dollars cheaper than similar auctioned properties in the area.

Wendy’s service was fantastic, fast acting, and far more affordable than other buyer’s advocates in the market. I’d highly recommend Wendy’s services to anyone looking to break into this difficult market here in Melbourne, her services are invaluable.

First Home Purchased in Just One Week

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Wendy Chamberlain for assisting, guiding and supporting throughout the process of finding my first home.

At the beginning I spent a week searching for my first home and realized this was really hard for an inexperienced first home buyer. But after I met Wendy for our first meeting, it was over an hour and Wendy totally understood my situations.

With a small budget, but many expectations. Due to my budget, I had never thought that I could live in a nice Melbourne inner suburb. First I was looking at all over the places and could not make decision where I wanted to live which would make Wendy worked more difficult. But Wendy didn’t mind and was very patient. We finally found some properties that I liked and Wendy did all the works for me i.e. talked to the agents, arranged the inspections and came to the properties with me.

I finally found my first home which met most of my expectations and at a very nice location. It happened in just a week. I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy to friends and others.

Natt Triteeyarat


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