Top Things Buyers Look For In A Property

Homebuyers differ in the things they look for when buying a property. Some families prefer flat homes with a backyard while some prefer a two-level property. There are young couples who like to live near the beach with views of the water while the others opt for an apartment near the city center. The latest[…]

Is A Paperless Real Estate Transaction Possible Today?

In today’s digital age, a paperless transaction is indeed possible even in the real estate industry. The introduction of new laws which now allow electronic contracts and signatures has made the conveyancing portion of the transaction much easier and faster. With digital technology, home buyers and sellers can save time and avoid loads of paperwork[…]

Reserve Bank Keeps Current Official Interest Rate of 1.50%

The Reserve Bank of Australia today decided to keep the current official cash interest rate at its historic low level of 1.5 percent. An earlier survey by Reuters showed 47 out of the 48 economists predicted the rate would remain unchanged. In his monetary policy statement earlier, RBA Governor Philip Lowe noted the strong global[…]

What Is Electronic Conveyancing and What Are Its Benefits?

Real estate transactions often involve a large volume of paperwork. Contracts alone can already have hundreds of pages and each contract needs to be provided in two copies. This often results in a high cost of printing, scanning, filing and archiving of documents. Fortunately, paperwork today can be avoided by homebuyers and investors through electronic[…]

What Are The Legalities Required When Renovating A Home?

Before starting a home renovation project regardless of its scope, it is a must for homeowners to know the legalities involved. Failure to do so can mean trouble. It could mean your renovation being stopped or pulled down. To start with, do check your local council for any approvals that may be required for a[…]

How to Increase the Value of Your Home Before Selling

Homeowners and investors who want to sell their houses should always consider increasing the value of their property before putting it on the market. This way, they can get the best return for their property. There are various ways to increase a home’s value without having to spend a fortune. It’s a matter of knowing[…]

Lending Restrictions for Property Investors To Be Scrapped

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) will soon remove a lending restriction for property investors. APRA chairman Wayne Byrnes recently said the 10 percent limit on bank lending imposed in 2014 would be scrapped. The lending restriction along with the limit on interest-only lending were meant to strengthen major bank balance sheets and limit the[…]

Current Official Interest Rate Kept On Hold at 1.50%

The Reserve Bank of Australia today retained the current official cash interest rate at its historic low level of 1.5 percent. The move was widely expected by economists surveyed by Bloomberg. All the economists agreed the interest rates will be kept on hold. In his monetary policy statement earlier, RBA Governor Philip Lowe noted the[…]

What is Due Diligence and What Does It Cover?

When buying a real estate property, there are always risks involved and as such, it pays to plan well and do your research. Many experts normally advice buyers and investors to do their due diligence regardless of the type of property they want to purchase. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this advice resulting in disappointments and[…]

The Melbourne Property Market Is Cooling

The Melbourne property market is confirmed to be in a cooling condition due to the drop in auction clearance rates in many suburbs since the start of the year. Data collected by the Domain Group from January to March shows clearance rates were lower compared to the same months in 2017. In some suburbs, the[…]