Interest Rates on Hold at 1.5 per cent

The Reserve Bank has left the official interest rates on hold at a record low rate of 1.5 per cent for a record 26th month in a row. Economists and traders did not expected a move, with most expecting rates to remain unchanged until at least the second half 2019. When interest rates do next move,[…]

More Melburnians Experiencing Rental Stress

Owning a home in Australia has remained a dream for many. The reason why renting has become a popular option. Unfortunately, renting has also become unaffordable these days to many Australians. Latest research showed that renters particularly those in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are spending more than 30 percent of their[…]

What Are The Proposed Changes Included In The New Victorian Rental Laws?

The proposed changes in Victoria’s rental laws are now being tackled in Parliament. The Andrews government released details of the amendments last week and several provisions are expected to go unopposed. Some provisions that are sure to be approved include the one protecting tenants experiencing domestic violence and the clampdown on rental bidding. Once passed,[…]

Reserve Bank Retains Current Official Interest Rate of 1.50%

Already using Social Media? Follow for the latest about tips and tricks when it comes to buying a home and hiring a buyers advocate. Today marked two years since the Reserve Bank of Australia has moved interest rates and its record-breaking run of inactivity is not predicted to end anytime soon. The RBA earlier left the interest[…]

What is Negative Gearing?

In real estate, negative gearing is when the cost of buying and maintaining an investment property is higher than the income you gain from it. With this loss, it is then possible to offset the income you earn thereby allowing you to pay less tax on the property. For a rental property, for example, negative[…]

What is Equity?

Many people are aware of their home equity but do not understand very well how it is calculated and its other uses. Basically, equity is the difference between a property’s current market value and the outstanding balance of any debt held against it. It is an asset from a homeowner’s point of view and it[…]

What is Passive vs Active investing?

Investing in real estate is one effective way of building wealth and establishing a property portfolio moving into the future. There are two basic types – active and passive. Regardless of the type of property investing you are doing, each method requires time, knowledge and skills in order to reach your goals and maintain a[…]

First Homebuyers in Melbourne Need 5 Years to Save for a Home Deposit

Buying a house in Melbourne is still a huge challenge for many young people. A new report shows that young Melburnians are more likely to take five years to save for a deposit to buy a home in the cheapest suburbs. The report released by the Domain Group looked into the entry-level prices of homes[…]

Reserve Bank Retains Current Official Interest Rate of 1.50%

The Reserve Bank of Australia today left the current official cash interest rate unchanged at its historic low level of 1.5 percent. An earlier survey showed most respondents predicting the current rate to be kept on hold. In his monetary policy statement earlier, RBA Governor Philip Lowe noted that “global economic expansion is continuing, a[…]