Bidding at auction? Don’t make these mistakes.

By now I’m sure you’ve started to hear the media reporting that house prices are on the rise. For the past quarter, Melbourne house prices jumped 4.1 per cent, with houses regaining almost half of the price falls that occurred during the recent downturn. For those of us immersed in all things real estate, out[…]

Melbourne Auction Results | 28th September 2019

Melbourne once again showed a strong auction result on Saturday recording 78 percent. The number of listings, however, was low due to the Grand Final public holiday that saw the Tigers competing against the Giants. The total scheduled auctions over the weekend was 49 while the confirmed results was 36. The number of properties sold[…]

Melbourne Auction Results | 14th September 2019

Melbourne recorded a strong clearance rate of 76 percent on Saturday, up from the previous week’s 74 percent. The auction market continues to do well despite the low volume of listings. The total scheduled auctions during the weekend was 760, still up from last weekend’s 704 while the confirmed results was 616. The number of[…]

Melbourne Suburbs To Benefit From The Suburban Rail Loop

Several suburbs in Melbourne will have six new train stations a few years from now. Part of a major project called the Suburban Rail Loop, this public transportation is aimed at providing Victorians easy access to their place of work, schools and other amenities. It is worth $50 billion as confirmed by the Andrews government.[…]

Melbourne Auction Results | 7th September 2019

Melbourne recorded a 74 percent clearance rate during Saturday’s auctions. It slipped from the previous 81 percent two weekends ago, considered the highest since April 2017. More listings were noted with the total scheduled auctions at 704 and confirmed results at 531. The number of properties sold also went up to 511 with 120 being[…]

Melbourne Auction Results | 24th August 2019

Melbourne recorded strong auction results on Saturday with a clearance rate of 81 percent, up from last weekend’s 70.2 percent. This rate was much higher compared to the same period last year with only 52 percent and the highest since April 2017. The total scheduled auctions was 596 while the confirmed results were 456. The[…]

Melbourne Auction Results | 10th August 2019

Melbourne achieved an auction clearance rate of 70 percent on Saturday, still considered a strong result. A strong buyer confidence was noted as the spring selling season starts amid the cold weather. It was the fourth consecutive week that Melbourne recorded a clearance rate of 70 percent or above. More house listings were recorded over[…]

What could you do with $133,505?

Real Estate. It’s a funny business. You have at your disposal experts you can call on to help you on the journey and save you money. We’re talking big money, not small change you can find down the back of your couch. Yet it is probably still one of the few industries where people feel[…]

Melbourne Auction Results | 20th July 2019

Melbourne achieved strong results on Saturday with an auction clearance rate of 74 percent. So far, this is the strongest clearance rate since March 2018 and one of the main factors attributed to this is the renewed buyer confidence in the Melbourne housing market. There were a total of 361 scheduled auctions and 256 confirmed[…]

Melbourne Auction Results | 29th June 2019

Melbourne’s auction clearance rate improved further to 73 percent on Saturday despite the cold weather conditions. This rate above 70 percent was achieved for the first time since September 2017 and the strongest clearance rate since March 2018. Real estate agents confirmed this signals a renewed buyer confidence in the Melbourne housing market. There were[…]