Buyers seeking to get a foothold in the property market need to be wary of bypassing expert assistance

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In the context of Australia’s booming 2021 property market, it wasn’t surprising to read this article by Yara Murray-Atfield on ABC News this morning, which explains how a Melbourne couple turned to social media out of frustration with the competition among home buyers.

While these particular buyers eventually bought a property through a real estate agent, they admit to remaining in favour of private sales and would try this approach again. However, as Murray-Atfield points out, there are challenges to purchasing a home without the aid of real estate experts, who understand the legal and ethical requirements involved.

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A somewhat disappointing aspect of Murray-Atfield’s article is that while real estate agents are mentioned several times when referring to expert advice, there’s no mention of buyer’s agents, commonly referred to as buyer’s advocates in the state of Victoria.

I’m an Independent Buyer’s and Seller’s Advocate in Melbourne with more than 25 years experience in purchasing and selling property. I’ve successfully bid for property on behalf of dozens of clients, as well as buying and selling my own homes. This includes having negotiated numerous off-market sales. Furthermore, I’ve negotiated multi-million dollar sales on behalf of vendors.

The benefits of using a buyer’s advocate are well known. The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) lists 10 of the core benefits on their webpage about seeking expert advice on property. Among these benefits is:

  • access to commercial data and information
  • exposure to off-market real estate
  • expertise in the negotiation process
  • knowledge of the legal and ethical duties involved

Additionally, CanStar has published a clear overview of the benefits of a buyer’s advocate, including how to go about choosing a suitable advocate.

Amid the frenzied competition for property in recent months, I’ve successfully bid for properties on behalf of several clients across Melbourne. The testimonials on my website, which have been taken from social media as well as direct feedback, reflect the satisfaction of my clients when their goals have been achieved.


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