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Wendy Chamberlain - Melbourne Fixed Price Buyers Advocate

Having previously helped women get started in real estate and an avid real estate investor herself, Wendy Chamberlain has bought and sold more than a dozen properties for her own portfolio over the past two decades using various investment strategies, making her move into Buyers Advocacy a natural progression.

With over 20 years IT experience and holding a Bachelor of Computing Degree, Wendy’s desire to educate and empower others saw her follow her real estate passion. She threw in her high-powered, six figure job with its $45 million budgets and gut wrenching stress to create Affluencia.com, a real estate education website showing enthusiastic would-be property owners how to get started in real estate.

In 2009 Wendy established Savvy Web Women, employing her unique ability to decode the “geek speak” and “techno-babble” using simple, plain English to help savvy business owners better understand social media and navigate the online world.

An avid real estate investor herself, Wendy’s real estate investment strategies have included several renovation projects and positive cash-flow investments whilst as a buyer’s advocate she has helped her clients buy dozens more properties. Through launching Chamberlain Property Advocates and embracing her role as a buyers advocate and property finder in her company, Wendy has realised two passions – real estate and computers – and she brings to the table her considerable experience and expertise in both arenas.

Wendy loves that as a Buyers Advocate, she gives her clients a trusted and experienced voice who is on their side in the negotiation arena. Wendy considers it an honour to be trusted with something as important as the purchase of a new home or investment property. After all, this is one of the biggest financial commitments many people will make. To be asked to help others realise such an important goal as home ownership is a real privilege.

Being able to successfully negotiate the purchase of real estate for a client is something that Wendy finds immensely satisfying. Her established relationships with Melbourne real estate agents means she is kept informed about many “off market” sales (not advertised to the public), whilst, as a skilled negotiator, she is adept at securing properties for clients prior to an auction.

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What Wendy’s happy client have to say…

First Home Buyer Success

After seeking to buy my first home for several months, I was recommended to utilise Wendy’s services.

Upon initial contact, it became quickly apparent that Wendy’s knowledge base and high level of professionalism would be of great assistance to me. Within 2 weeks Wendy had helped me find and buy my perfect first home, for 10’s of thousands of dollars cheaper than similar auctioned properties in the area.

Wendy’s service was fantastic, fast acting, and far more affordable than other buyer’s advocates in the market.

I’d highly recommend Wendy’s services to anyone looking to break into this difficult market here in Melbourne, her services are invaluable.