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Having previously helped women get started in real estate and an avid real estate investor herself, Wendy Chamberlain has bought and sold many properties for her own portfolio over the past 20 years using various investment strategies, making her move into Buyer & Vendor Advocacy a natural progression.

With a passion for all things real estate, Wendy loves that her role as a Buyer or Vendor Advocate gives her buyers an experienced voice they can trust when it comes to negotiating to purchase something as important as their new home. Her sellers appreciate that they have someone smoothing the waters when dealing with real estate selling agents.

Wendy considers it a privilege to be asked to help others realise such an important goal as home ownership and to be trusted with that honour.

Wendy finds immensely satisfying working with her buyer and selling clients alike.

A specialist at buying prior to auction across all suburbs of Melbourne, Wendy particularly loves working with her first home buyer clients and is adept at negotiating to secure a property off the market, prior to an auction.

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Wendy Chamberlain is a sought after speaker and regularly asked by the media for comment.

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More About Wendy

Wendy Chamberlain, your Melbourne Buyers Advocate, is a dynamic sought-after speaker, trainer, international best-selling author and Online Engagement Strategist who shares her message with passion and enthusiasm.

Driven by a desire to educate and empower others and a need to follow her passion, Wendy threw in her high-powered, six figure job with its $45 million budgets and gut wrenching stress to create Affluencia.com, a real estate education website showing enthusiastic would-be property owners how to get started in real estate.

An avid real estate investor herself, Wendy has bought and sold more than a dozen properties over the past 18 years using various investment strategies, including several renovation projects and positive cash-flow investments. Her most recent purchase is in her Self Managed Super Fund.

Having worked in IT for over 20 years, Wendy holds a Bachelor of Computing Degree and has successfully established and run a National IT Help Desk for a Global company. In 2009 Wendy established Savvy Web Women, employing her unique ability to decode the “geek speak” and “techno-babble” using simple, plain English to help savvy business owners better understand social media and navigate the online world.

In 2013, Wendy launched Chamberlain Property Advocates, working with real estate agents and people selling their homes to leverage the power of the online world into their real estate sales marketing. For Wendy, Chamberlain Property Advocates was the realisation of two passions for Wendy – real estate and computers – and she brings to the table her considerable experience and expertise in both arenas.

For Wendy, her move into Buyers Advocacy was a natural progression and she looks forward to helping you with your property purchase.

For further information or to have a no obligation chat about how Wendy can help, please call our office on (03) 9686 2288.

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